Life is Better with a BenderDachs​​​​
Beth Bender
Hardin, Montana (406)679-1219~Text Only
Photo Introduction:

We would like to introduce ourselves to you, so you can get know us better!
We will be adding more photos as time goes by, so that you can see the "Benderdachs" home. 
We know that you care about where your puppy comes from, & this is a way for you to get to know us.
Our house is not fancy, it's comfortable ... It's our "Humble, Doxie-loving home!"    

Our home was an abandoned farm house when we  bought it. It was in pretty sad shape from siting empty for years.
Updating it has been a constant DIY project, but we are slowly getting it done! We bought this house because of its country location, 15 miles from any town. We have peace and quiet, and we love the views.

Our kitchen is  fairly spacious. The dogs have lots of room to romp and play, or they can  pull out a blanket and take a nap!

Having dogs underfoot is normal for us! Myla is hoping for a scrap to fall.

The kitchen is the only room in the house that doesn't have dachshund decore...Yet! (Yes, even the bathroom is decorated doxie!) There were 4 dogs in here when I took the picture, they didn't want to pose for the camera and ran toward me!

We used to think dogs didn't belong on the furniture. Then we got dachshunds! LOL 

The Maternity Pen  is for moms with newborns. It   is right in our living area. It allows the moms to feel scure with their babies, yet it has a door where they can come and go freely. We found that when we used to put moms and babeis into a segregated "Puppy Room," it tended to make the mothers more protective, and puppies fearful of new noises and situations.   

The maternity pen converts into a Playpen that expands for bigger litters and when puppies get older. It has hanging toys for stimulation and coordination. (hanging toys are also more sanitary) It is right in our living area so puppies are exposed to people and household noises constantly. We found that having them in the living area makes puppies more well adjusted to new experiences and sounds.

Longhair dachshunds generally do better in the cold and snow than smooths, as long as the temperatures aren't extremly low.
Ours longhairs love the snow! I was watching them play through the window and got a few candid shots of them.

Here are a few "helpful health hints" that I want to share. 
Brush your dachshunds teeth... Even if it is only "once in a while."  Once is better than never! Even occassional brushing can improve your dachshunds breath and improve his overall health. A routine cleaning from your veteranarian will still be necessary at some point. Take a few minutes to trim his nails, too! It is very common for dachsunds to have nails left to grow longer than they should.
Feed a HIGH QUALITY dogfood! This is important. Although they are names you know, "Dog Chow" and "Pedigree" are not high quality foods. Check labels. Buy food with the FIRST ingredient as MEAT. Avoid corn based food! Check out this website for ideas:  We feed Diamond Naturals Small Breed Puppy to our puppies, and a blend of Pro Plan & Diamond Naturals to the adults. (As well as fresh chicken, and scrambled eggs!) 
Consider "holistic" supplements for your dachshund. They are prone to back injuries, so keeping their spine and joints healthy is important. Glucosamine & Chondroitin is proven to be beneficial to  humans and animals, for joint health. Other good supplements are Ester C,
(Its a great anti-oxidant) and Turmeric (Is a natural anti-imflammitory)  
  1. Your Puppy Comes With:
    A Gift Bag
    With a Blanket, Bowls, Toys and a container of puppy food. As well as a Health Record that shows the vaccination and worming history for your puppy.
  2. And...
    Vet Check
    Every Benderdachs puppy will be examined by our veterinarian. Have first "puppy shot" and be dewormed multiple times.
  3. Also....
    Pups have a health warranty. If your puppy is diagnosed with a terminal hereditary or congenital defect, by 1 year old, you will be credited the purchase price of the puppy toward another puppy.
  4. Don't Forget
    A lifetime of Support and Advice
    We LOVE hearing from past puppy buyers! It's not a burden to answer your questions. We enjoy receiving updates and pictures... Even 5, 10, or more years later!